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Exchange bitcoin at market-leading rates.

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The future of Bitcoin exchange

At CoinsFast we’ve created a seamless Bitcoin buying and selling experience with a simple interface, instant transactions, and marketing-leading exchange rates.

Buy Bitcoin

in 3 simple steps

Sellers Securely Deposit Bitcoin

We match buyers with sellers who already have their Bitcoin deposited into their accounts.

Select the Amount of Bitcoin

Decide how much BTC you want, purchase it from your matched seller.

Bitcoin in your wallet

Receive the Bitcoin into your wallet, instantly! Sellers receive their fiat just as quickly.

What makes us different

Buy and sell Bitcoin easily, quickly, and securely.

ZERO fees

0% fees your first month

ZERO Waiting

Transactions are instant

ZERO Verification

Your ID isn’t required up to a £500

Buying and selling Bitcoin made easy

DeFi technology allows buyers and sellers to make bank transfers securely between, without any concerns about blocked transactions or other issues from traditional banks.

3 Simple Steps to Sell Bitcoin

Zero fraud

Our decentralized open-banking payment system ensures secure direct bank-to-bank transfers.

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Questions Answer
  • How do I buy Bitcoin?

    First, sign up for a CoinsFast account.

    We match buyers with sellers who have created sell orders. You'll decide how much BTC you want and purchase it from your matched seller.

    Through our decentralized payment system, you'll be able to make purchases, and receive Bitcoin instantly through direct bank-to-bank transfers.

  • How do I sell Bitcoin?

    It's so simple! Add the Bitcoin you’re ready to sell to your CoinsFast account, then create a sell order, set your limits, and turn your sell switch on.

    That's it! You’ll get paid instantly, as buyers purchase all or some of your sell order.

  • What is CoinsFast?

    CoinsFast is a P2P platform for buying & selling Bitcoin. We offer instant transactions and exceptional security. We match Bitcoin buyers and sellers for optimal exchanges of fiat to BTC and vice versa.

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